24 Runabout Vanquish Boats

About Vanquish

Timeless Quality and Craftsmanship in the New England Tradition

At Vanquish Boats we understand that leisure is a precious commodity. We believe a boat should be more than mere transportation and therefore we build boats that are destinations in and of themselves. Whether your joy comes from the sweetness of a picnic in a shallow cove, the laughter of delighted children towed in your wake, or a serene romantic cruise, Vanquish will surround you with flawless design and breathtaking performance.

A Balance Between Classic Design and Contemporary Performance

Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, Vanquish brings you time-tested classic designs, the pride of generational craftsmen and the advantage of today’s exciting new materials and technologies. Offered in either gas or diesel in-board power, its unique propeller and shaft pocket provide a very modest 19-inch draft. A stable ride and faultless tracking are the result of mounting the engine amidships. This position provides a more balanced feel and an exceptionally smooth ride which is the trademark characteristic of a Vanquish.

The Vanquish Difference

Our outboard models offer exceptional performance with best-in-class fuel economy.

Either power package provides a balanced feel and an exceptionally smooth ride, a trademark characteristic of a Vanquish.

At Vanquish, we build to excite the sensibilities of the well-bred yachtsman. Combining classic design, balanced power and elite craftsmanship our team envisions watercraft as art. Our mission is to blend the values of production building with the standards of quality and performance found in custom construction. Our goal is to create a line that future generations will see as collectibles.

Superior Engineering

  1. 16-degree deadrise at the stern offers a soft ride and stable turns at speed.
  2. Drive pocket allows for shallow draft and decreased prop angle.
  3. Wide lifting strakes help the boat hop on plane, aid handling, and provide lift.
  4. Steep entry at the bow knocks down water and helps provide smooth ride off plane.
  5. Substantial bow flare deflects spray away from boat.

Dynamic Lift

The boat tracks well, turns easily, and is simply a lot of fun to drive. Our unique propeller pocket's advantages are two-fold: it allows us to set the engine lower in the boat for a lower center of gravity, therefore creating a more stable boat, and secondly it allows terrific acceleration throughout the speed range because of the decreased shaft angle. This is Dynamic Lift: superior hull form raises the boat out of the water, decreasing drag, while simultaneously the engine's energy is used to push the boat forward, not up.