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The Boat - Features

  • One piece deck and hull liner
  • Fully cored hull, deck and floor offers light weight and strength Vinylester resin
  • Cook gel coat
  • Hull and deck are through bolted where possible and bonded with polyurethane sealant
  • Self bailing
  • Non skid deck and floor
  • All hardware through bolted with backing plates
  • Prop pocket allow for 19" draft
  • 8 degree prop shaft angle allows for the engine to be mounted lower for lower center of gravity
  • Also provides quicker acceleration and more top end speed

New Features!

 The new dash


New optional Millenium seats...


...with flip-up bolster


Centek Fiberglass


Prop Pocket Allows
For Only A 19" Draft


Through Bolted
Motor Mounts


Steel Vents






Vanquish Boats are a semi-custom boat built one at a time to a precise and exacting standard. The meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout from bow to stern the craftsmanship is evident. Mass produced boats simply cannot match the quality and workmanship of these handcrafted boats.

The Vanquish Boats Runabout and Center Console are traditional designs with conventional inboard power. An inboard provides simple straightforward propulsion, low maintenance and easy serviceability. In addition inboards track straighter and provide a more stable ride because the weight is in the center of the boat where it should be. Attitude on plane is level and when accelerating from a standing start there is no bow rise just straight forward acceleration as the boat rises on plane. Whether at anchor, gunk holing or blasting across open water an inboard gives the secure and safe feeling that must be experienced. A conventional means of propulsion which has stood the test of time.

floor.jpg (6763 bytes)This simple design offers a clean and spacious deck space which provides plenty of room to walk around. Careful consideration was given to passenger comfort and safety. When you look inside the Vanquish you will notice the clean and uncluttered interior, which provides low maintenance and makes clean-up trouble free. Another designed in feature of the interior is the toe kick area allows one to be able to lean against the gunwale of the boat while providing room for your feet. It's the attention to details such as these that make the Vanquish stand out from the crowd.

Every hull, deck and inner liner is fully cored throughout with closed cell foam. This may cost more money and make a heavier boat but the bottom line is it builds a better, stronger quieter boat.

Easy to launch and load with
shallow draft or prop pocket
Notice the sweet lines of the
tumble home at the stern
Optional canvas dodger
for center console
The prop pocket allows for only a 19" draft. Large stainless steel rudder allows for excellent handling.
Optional teak inlay
on swim platform
Bow anchor latches -
notice flush hinges and latch
A close up of varnished teak trim
and hardware
A close up of varnished teak trim
and hardware

The various canvas options available


New Yanmar Diesel powered
runabout headed to Texas


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