16-degree dead rise at the stern offers soft ride and stable turns at speed.
  Drive pocket allows for shallow draft and less prop angle.
  Wide lifting strakes help the boat hop on plane, aid handling, and provide lift.
  Steep entry at the bow knocks down water and helps provide smooth ride off plane.
  Substantial bow flare deflects spray away from boat.

NEW!! CLICK  HERE to view a video clip demonstrating the maneuverability of the runabout.

Why Inboard?

Inboards are a proven method of boat propulsion and have been used for decades.  Inboards provide the boat with a solid and steady platform because the motor is positioned close to the center of the boat. They also offer quiet and smooth operation and reduce the amount of clutter at the stern. Quiet, stable and smooth; it is marine propulsion simplified. And we like that!

The Vanquish 24 draws just 19”. This is achieved by incorporating a pocket for the prop shaft, which allows for the motor to be mounted lower in the boat providing a straighter prop shaft angle. The end result is better performance and increased protection for the running gear.


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