24 Runabout Vanquish Boats

Vanquish 24 Runabout

Truly a classic, modern ride.

By: Dave Mull

To say the Vanquish 24 Runabout delivers a classic, modern ride is neither a contradiction nor an oxymoron.

"From the waterline up, it gives you the feeling of what it was like to have a runabout in the 1950s and '60s," says Vanquish founder Morgan Huntley about his company’s 24R. "From the waterline down, you get the benefits of what we've learned about propulsion and performance over the past 50 years."

Indeed, a first look at this remarkable fiberglass design with its nearly vertical prow and far-forward helm calls to mind wood boats of yore. The 24R provides a terrific platform for picnicking, whether you prefer the original floorplan or the new L-shaped seating arrangement.

Elegant in its simplicity yet beautifully appointed, the Vanquish 24R offers a welcoming and low maintenance interior. The exclusive bow forward design created by Doug Zurn allows more room for movement in the cockpit area and fosters an uncluttered feeling. There's ample storage under the bow and in the convenient ski locker between the helm seats.

The passenger and helm seats are adjustable for comfort and permit steering while sitting or standing. Under the forward seat, there is an integrated, drained cooler. An electric hatch raises the engine box easily for maintenance. The Runabout's sleek wrap-around windshield is retro-beautiful — and functional. Standard interior is either rugged marine grade vinyl or a wide choice of Sunbrella colors and patterns.

Under the waterline, the runabout’s 16-degree deadrise at the stern offers a soft ride and stable turns at speed, and the unique “drive pocket” allows for a skinny, 19-inch draft and decreased prop angle for increased efficiency, pushing the boat forward, not up. It also allows Vanquish to set the engine lower in the boat for a lower center of gravity. The drive pocket design couples with the boat’s wide lifting strakes to make it hop on plane for easy handling. The steep entry at the bow knocks down water and helps provide a smooth off-plane cruise. And the substantial bow flare deflects spray away from the boat.

The Rhode Island-based company has it right by claiming its designs are “the future of day yachting.”