24 Runabout Vanquish Boats

Vanquish 26 Dual Console

A floating work of art.

By: Capt. Frank Lanier

Like many works of art, the Vanquish 26 Dual Console was born out of desire.

“The concept was originally brought to us by a customer that wanted the look, ride and quality of a Vanquish but with the additional versatility that a dual console provides,” commented Morgan Huntley, president of Vanquish. “We were so happy with the outcome of the project that we decided to put the boat into production.”

The Vanquish 26 DC allows the discriminating boat enthusiast to experience all the fun and versatility of a dual console design along with classic Vanquish styling. They took the features past Vanquish customers loved and blended them seamlessly into a beautiful package with two consoles and bow seating for a stunning craft that draws looks at every port.

“It’s clear that Vanquish’s Morgan Huntley is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his products, so we knew we were in good hands from the start,” says Melanie Kefalidis, who took delivery of the first Vanquish 26 DC in July 2012. “While he offered a wide array of customization options and was very receptive to our requests, there were many times when we just deferred to him — and we’re glad we did. The boat turned out better than we ever could have dreamed.”

Building on Doug Zurn’s exclusive bow forward design, Vanquish took it to the next level, creating even more room for movement in the cockpit area, fostering an uncluttered feeling. The cozy and inviting bow seating provides everything you need at your fingertips to enjoy a day on the water, while a large L-shape settee aft provides plenty of seating so no one is left behind.

The integrated wet bar with your choice of sink or barbeque grill and the enclosed head under the port console ensures that the fun goes on all day. All these features (built to an unwavering standard of construction) slices through the waves on the famed Vanquish hull.

The mission of the Vanquish line is to excite the sensibilities of the well-bred yachtsman. By combining classic design, balanced power and elite craftsmanship, the company’s goal is to create a line that future generations will see as collectibles. Based on the head-turning capabilities of the Vanquish DC, it looks like they’ve achieved success.