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Superior Engineering
1) 16-degree deadrise at the stern offers a soft ride and stable turns at speed.

2) Drive pocket allows for shallow draft and decreased prop angle.

3) Wide lifting strakes help the boat hop on plane, aid handling, and provide lift.

4) Steep entry at the bow knocks down water and helps provide smooth ride off plane.

5) Substantial bow flare deflects spray away from boat.
Dynamic Lift
The boat tracks well, turns easily, and is simply a lot of fun to drive. Our unique propeller pocket's advantages are two-fold: it allows us to set the engine lower in the boat for a lower center of gravity, therefore creating a more stable boat, and secondly it allows terrific acceleration throughout the speed range because of the decreased shaft angle. This is Dynamic Lift: superior hull form raises the boat out of the water, decreasing drag, while simultaneously the engine's energy is used to push the boat forward, not up.

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