24 Runabout Vanquish Boats

Building a Vanquish

Timeless Quality and Craftsmanship in the New England Tradition

Vanquish Boats 26 Center Console with bow cabin and powered by a Mercury Marine 250HP.

Vanquish Boats is the premier designer and builder of efficient, stable, luxury center console, runabout, and dual console day boats under 30 feet. Our dedication to the art of handcrafting boats of superior quality is second to none. Unlike many other boat builders, the Vanquish team is made up of lifelong boaters with experience in models from 18’ to 80’ and with thousands of hours of day boating and cruising experience. This allows us to design and build boats that have the features and comfort items discerning boaters expect and appreciate. It also allows us to say on the forefront of boating trends and technology, such as new electronics, engines, materials, and features.

We understand that leisure time is a precious commodity and a boat should be more than mere transportation; it should inspire and enhance your experience. This is why we are dedicated to building boats that are destinations in and of themselves. Whether your joy comes from the relaxation and beauty of a picnic in a shallow cove, the laughter of delighted children towed in your wake, or a serene, romantic harbor cruise, a Vanquish will surround you with flawless design and breathtaking performance, and relaxing comfort.

President and Owner of Vanquish Boats Morgan Huntley with Master Builder Chris MacKenzie.

A Balance Between Classic Design and Contemporary Performance

Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, our focus is on premium center console, runabout, and dual console performance day-boats. At our core, we rely on time-tested classic New England designs, the pride of generational craftsmen, and superior modern materials to deliver stronger, stylish, longer lasting boats. Each Vanquish is meticulously handcrafted to exacting standards to be admired and passed down with pride to the next generation. Our hull designs incorporate advanced geometry and engineering resulting in exceptional performance with best-in-class stability and fuel economy. The blending of beautiful styling and a remarkably smooth ride are trademark characteristics of a Vanquish, and why we have become known as the “New American Classic.”

The Vanquish Difference

Simply put, Vanquish models are the best designed and built boats in class thanks to experienced craftspeople, advanced engineering, and the right materials. Our models our broken down into two segments consisting of the Vanquish series and the Bristol Harbor series. The vanquish series offers both advanced inboard and outboard models. What makes our boats so different?

Vanquish Boats 26 hull showing the advanced geometry of the chines and strakes.

Stability, Comfort, and Efficiency

The Vanquish 24 and 26 series were designed by world-renowned naval architect Doug Zurn. The primary goal was a performance planning hull intended to get on plane quickly, track well, and keep its occupants as dry as can be. (Outboard) The hull bottom form is a modified V with a modest veriable16-degree deadrise at the transom and 23-degree deadrise at the running cutwater. With the cutwater doing all “the work” there is no need to carry all that deadrise back. The bow profile introduces a bit of rocker so as not to bow steer and her bow sections are convex which prevents pounding and stiffens the associated panels. There are two pairs of lifting strakes dividing the bottom into thirds which aid in tracking and allow for fingertip steering at speed. A large chine transitions from horizontal aft, to a 6 degree down angle forward which helps significantly in keeping water from finding its way over the sheer. With a chine length/beam ratio of 3.1:1 the hull is easily driven and requires less horsepower to push, which results in exceptional fuel economy and a rewarding ride.

(inboard) This design uses the same elements as the outboard, but with some important feature differences.

Superior Engineering

  1. 16-degree deadrise at the stern offers a soft ride and stable turns at speed.
  2. Drive pocket allows for shallow draft and decreased prop angle.
  3. Wide lifting strakes help the boat hop on plane, aid handling, and provide lift.
  4. Steep entry at the bow knocks down water and helps provide smooth ride off plane.
  5. Substantial bow flare deflects spray away from boat.

The engine position (amidships) and the hull design are an example of the level of detail that Vanquish goes to in order to achieve performance and efficiency. It allows us to set the engine lower in the boat for a lower vertical center of gravity, therefore creating a more stable boat. With a deadrise at the transom of 16 and specially sized and angled lifting strakes, the inboard has the same remarkably smooth, stable and responsive ride as the outboard. Another feature is the size and shape of the drive pocket which serves two purposes. The first being to allow for the optimal 11 angle of the drive shaft with a maximum diameter four bladed prop, and the second, being able to provide for a shallow draft of only 19 inches. This configuration, along with the strakes is very efficient and helps to get her up on plane quickly with less drag. This is Dynamic Lift: superior hull form raises the boat out of the water, decreasing drag, while simultaneously the engine's energy is used to push the boat forward, not up.

The tunnel and precisely angled prop and shaft of the Vanquish Boats 24.

The bow flare and deep V entry of the Vanquish Boats 23 Center Console.

The Bristol Harbor series is the creation of Greg Beers and Cory Wood of the world-renowned Bristol Harbor group. Infusing hull design elements and lessons learned from larger boats, they have achieved an impressive level of stability and smoothness of ride in the 21’ and 23 food models. Balanced around a super-durable Vinyl-Ester Epoxy resin hull skin that is foam filled and resin-sealed, it makes these boats unsinkable! A precisely balanced variable deadrise hull is stable at rest yet dry and comfortable in chop. But what is even more exciting is that the variable deadrise hull design produces much greater performance with less horsepower than other 21’ and 23’ center consoles.

A Vanquish stand as the premium example in their class thanks to the vision and dedication of the owner of Vanquish Boats, Morgan Huntley. Huntley has been a lifelong boater and gained his expertise by working in boatyards and building boats since his early teens. Originally founded in 2002, Huntley acquired the brand in 2009 an quickly set off enhancing existing models and creating new ones based on the latest in design technology and engineering. The philosophy he and his team apply to each model is typified by the New England values and attitudes of fine boatbuilding: Maximize superior practical designs with a balance of the best materials and features then have them handcrafted by a team with generational experience that brings art to the craft. The results speak for themselves as the Vanquish brand has become synonymous in the industry with premium quality and best in class ride and performance.

21 Bristol Harbor Series - Profile
A profile of the Bristol Harbor series 21 Center Console showing of the classic sheerline.

Construction and Materials

The stringers and grid for the 21 and 23 are molded and glassed in while on the 24 and 26, they are carbon fiber reinforced and bonded with Epoxy.

Central to the Vanquish philosophy is value. This is achieved by producing boats with a correct balance of the right materials and the best processes. Each hull and deck utilize triaxial and biaxial stitched E-glass in long longitudinal segments, and the highest quality ultra-durable Vinyl-Ester Epoxy resin. The coring material is a brand of recyclable engineered foam core called CoreLite PET. The stringer and grid of each boat are also made from these more advanced materials, achieving the optimum balance between strength and weight, with the added benefit of being long lasting.

Triaxial and biaxial stitched E-glass created and hull and deck that requires less resin but is stronger than other traditional methods of construction.

The glass in a boat is its strength, while the resin holding it together is weight. By using stronger E-glass and superior resin, the amount of resin can be reduced, saving weight, while at the same time providing the required strength. Most builders produce strength with lower quality materials by adding lots of less expensive resin, which equals lots of weight. Lower quality resign is also prone to water absorption through reverse osmosis. The result for a Vanquish owner of our attention to all of these factors is a better, more durable boat.

The coring is cut by a CNC routor to ensure percision and that they meet the strict quality guidelines.

Engineered foam core, not wood, is used to produce a stronger longer lasting hulland deck, while eliminating the possibility of water intrusion via reverse osmosis.

Each engineered form core piece is precisely cut and numbered to be installed in a specific location within the hull and deck. Aluminum backing plates are used for mounting points.

Carefully hand-finishing all parts of each boat ensure proper fit and finish.

Unlike many other boats, you will not find wood used in any structural part of a Vanquish. Instead, the only wood we use is fine-grained teak as beauty accents throughout each model on the transom, cap rails, toe rails, helm dash, cabinets, and draws.

Carefully hand-finishing all parts of each boat ensure proper fit and fininsh.

Each part receives many layers of clearcoat with sanding and buffing in between each application.

Due to the optimized hull geometry, each Vanquish must be built using a two-part mold.

Although traditional teak is used for accents and decking, Vanquish also embraces new materials such as Flexiteek. The benefit is that they require little or no maintenance, don’t stain, and are available is a variety of color combinations, adding to the overall aesthetic.

By following our strategy of “balance” of design, materials and construction processes, we deliver boats that are of the highest quality, have better comfort and performance, and are longer lasting. The end result is more enjoyment and pride of ownership of having a superior boat.

For more information email us at info@vanquishboats.com